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mparryMay2017_webMark Parry has been a teacher for over 30 years. 

In the late 1980s and early 1990s Mark taught high school science and biology; he more recently taught adult learners  (e.g. staff professional development, university and higher education students) in areas including educational technology, learning design, creative arts, video and media production. Mark spent a large block of time – around the year 2000 – as a writer, instructional designer and media producer, developing learning resources.

Mark is an E Learning Designer at AFTRS. He also produces educational videos and other media for learning and teaching (e.g. elearning, blended delivery) via Parryville Media.


Why do I enjoy supporting teachers to use video and related technologies?

Essentially, I believe that technology – when used well – can produce better learning and teaching experiences. Learners who are offered more flexibility via technology are potentially more engaged, better equipped for learning and are, in turn, better able to meet their learning outcomes. Technology can make the learning experience more purposeful, collaborative, broad and meaningful for learners. Additionally, teachers who use technology are able to offer so much more to their learners.It’s also about those more creative and compelling aspects of using video and related technologies in the classroom and beyond. I enjoy the process of using technology to design, develop and implement compelling and meaningful learning and teaching experiences. I regularly point a video camera at teachers and press the record button, however, this is a quite oversimplified description of how technology might potentially be used. I believe that using technology has more immediate potential across a wide range of learning and teaching situations.

About me

Mark Parry is a freelance educational video producer, instructional designer and teacher with over 25 years experience.

Mark is based in Sydney, NSW and works across the entire learning and teaching spectrum – K-12, vocational, higher education & corporate – producing learning resources and training solutions and providing guidance, support and advice.

  • education and training consultation and advice
  • Welcome videos for online learning
  • online educational videos
  • e-learning content (text, photos, video)
  • teacher guides
  • train-the-trainer support
  • curriculum mapping
  • face-to-face and online training and professional development
  • lesson plans and learner outlines.

Find out more on the About page.  Get in touch via Contact page. Some video excerpts feature in the following clip:


Instructional Design & Media Production

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