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mparry_MQ_smallMark Parry is a Senior Learning Designer and Media Producer at Macquarie University (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences). He also teaches documentary production at SAE Institute and educational technology at The University of Notre Dame. Mark has over twenty-five years’ experience developing learning experiences and media-based resources for a range of audiences including K–12 schools, and vocational, university, corporate and other adult learners. Mark is the Director of Parryville Media, producing learning experiences and resources including online videos for e-learning initiatives. Mark holds a Bachelor of Education (Science) and Master of Arts (Media) and is interested in further exploring the potential in using video and media for learning.

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Behind the camera

In my role as Producer, Instructional Designer and Writer I managed teams of Designers, video editors, Programmers and subject matter experts (SMEs) in the development of print, video, multimedia CD-ROMs and online resources in a range of learning areas (eg agriculture, technology, literacy, numeracy, drug awareness, medical photography, financial literacy, fire fighting, life values, adult learning, training and assessment, animal handling & visual arts). More recently I have worked with video to communicate university research findings as well as produce staff PD (professional development) resources. Some examples are outlined in the following clip:

I have advised, designed and developed learning resources and educational experiences for a range of organisations including NSW Department of Education and Training, NSW TAFE, Rotary, Australian Olympic Committee, ANZ bank, Australian Rugby Union, Casula Powerhouse, Australia Learning and Teaching Council (Office for Learning and Teaching), Metro Screen, Australian Council of the Deans of Science, Macquarie University, The Benevolent Society, University of Queensland, Flinders University, University of Notre Dame, New Horizons, Housing Industry Association (HIA), Gosford City Council, Royal Australasian College of Physicians, The Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA), National Broadband Network (NBN), Optus, Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies (ACWA) and Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). I was a judge for 2015 & 2016 ATOM Awards. Part of my career pathway is outlined in articles from Sydney Morning Herald and Mindfood magazine. This blog post summarises part of my career.

I enjoy communicating with a purpose, working with subject matter experts and media specialists and using new technology, so developing educational resources is an ideal blend. In the future I’d like to further explore the potentials between art, science and learning.

In front of the camera

Since I’m generally interested in all media, I’ve also been in front of the camera. I was an extra on several Australian TV shows including Home and Away, Denton, GP and E-Street and films including Muriel’s Wedding. I was a contestant on the game show Supermarket Sweep (prizes included a coffee urn, set of children’s encyclopedias, sheepskin underlays and a bus trip to the Gold Coast!). I’ve been in advertisements for Commonwealth Bank (and other one), Lite White Milk (I am the cop), World Wildlife Fund, Teachers Mutual Bank and a TeachNSW poster to promote Teaching in NSW.

About Parryville Media

Parryville Media designs and develops learning, teaching and training resources for a range of educational institutions, community groups and corporate organisations. Mark Parry works collaboratively with teachers, lecturers, tutors, business managers and other stakeholders in the design and development process. With a focus on instructional design, the starting point is often an analysis of learning/project requirements and an audit of existing content/resources. We prefer an approach which combines conservative planning and process with fresh ideas and creative thinking. Depending on the project, this process might be very simple and straightforward – taking only a few minutes – or may be highly complex and take several months (especially with research-based collaborations). Parryville Media develops video and other learning resources, typically extending into additional areas of educational support and consultancy to achieve the project outcomes. We meet and solve a range of education, training and communication challenges including various learning outcomes, creative distribution/implementation of research findings and managing change. Mark has a background working across a range of media to communicate a core message or achieve a particular set of learning outcomes. The production process is simplified and summarised in the infographic below:

Parryville Infographic


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Instructional Design & Media Production

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