Cognitive Science in the Real World

Department of Cognitive Science at Macquarie University required a series of short videos to be developed for the work placement unit COGS399 Cognitive Science in the Real World. This unit enables students to integrate the knowledge and skills acquired during their study of cognitive and brain sciences, and helps to prepare them for the next phase of their career in research, industry, or beyond.

A major component of the unit is a PACE (Professional And Community Engagement) placement in which students will get hands-on experience of how cognitive science is put into practice in the workplace. With a strong focus placed on students’ personal development, motivations and reflective practice, ethical and cultural competence and effective scientific communication I met with the academic team to negotiate the creative approach and production format.


Initially I worked closely with unit Convenors to develop a video sample: a 10 minute documentary featuring interview and additional footage of a Cognitive Science graduate and practitioner. We based our framework, questions and general approach on the Macquarie University Graduate Capabilities as well as subject specific content. The sample video clip was critically reviewed by the key stakeholders within the department to ensure the production approach was viable and suitable for their needs.

During production I worked closely with a range of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the  Cognitive Science field, as well as academics and researchers across the department, to plan and negotiate video production.

The project generated about 10 video clips clips embedded into iLearn, Macquarie university’s moodle-based learning management system. This online unit forms a crucial consolidation for Cognitive Science for students as they continue their pathway into the professional field.

Playlist: Cognitive Science in the Real World (10 videos)

Instructional Design & Media Production

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