Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) required a number of video clips as part of an accreditation course and e-learning program. The videos were designed to address student learning outcomes currently met by attendance at face-to-face workshops and needed to be closely aligned with a course text book. I worked with AFMA to negotiate and plan 7 X 20 min video clips with an achievable production approach and schedule.

Each 20 minute video features an interview covering detailed and specific content. With learner engagement in mind, a friendly, personable and conversational tone was chosen, avoiding a conventional formal-style lecture. Various Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and industry practitioners were invited to share their professional insights and to discuss key financial industry issues, including:

  • The Economic Environment
  • Investment Analysis in Financial Markets
  • Financial Market Products
  • The Dealing Process
  • The Regulatory Environment
  • Risk and Risk Management Frameworks

One of the video clips was developed to outline AFMA assessment requirements for a particular online unit. Authentic AFMA e-learning course screens – together with a brief interview –  illustrate and clarify key aspects of the assessment process (eg arranging online exams, submitting evidence for workplace skills assessment, types of evidence etc). The final clips are incorporated into AFMA’s e-learning program and associated iphone/ipad/tablet app, currently delivered to learners.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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