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The project extended the PhD research of Amanda Howard explored a range of community projects and initiatives which showcased Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). The videos were designed and developed to encourage further development of local projects using an ABCD perspective. Find out more about working with communities in the book Working With Communities: Critical Perspectives.

As video producer, I collaborated closely with the researcher to discuss options for communicated the ideas. Video was chosen because of its simple, engaging and immediate appeal to the target audience. Community members shared their triumphs and challenges in a very personal voice, offering lessons and advice to their community. By documenting these stories, the DVD provides an ongoing learning tool for community. The project was funded by Central Coast Community Congress. I worked closely with Amanda Howard and Kylie Frazer to develop an achievable creative approach – within time constraints, availability of speakers and budget – then developed questions and an outline of shooting scripts. I briefed Amanda and Kylie, who went out and captured interviews with community members and supplied me with the footage which I then edited into its final form.
The final DVD features ten community stories and showcases projects and initiatives including:

View the playlist of all the videos.
Find out more about the project in the poster or at Central Coast Community Congress. Music for selected parts of this project was provided by mobygratis.com.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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