Board of Studies & Educational Standards (BOSTES) required a series of five videos (3 min success stories) to help teachers and principals understand and meet BOSTES teacher accreditation requirements. The videos feature teachers, principals and supervisors talking about:

  • achieving accreditation as a casual teacher
  • schools supporting casuals to achieve accreditation
  • achieving at the higher levels of accreditation
  • how principals can delegate professional development
  • planning professional development for maintaining accreditation.

In pre-production I worked closely with BOSTES production coordinators to analyse project content/aims/outcomes, design a suitable/viable production approach, plan/negotiate shooting locations and assist in development of interview scripts/content outlines. During production/post-production I captured interviews, edited various drafts, incorporated feedback and produced final edits (captioned/transcribed). The five success story videos are available to watch online on the Teacher Accreditation Website.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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