Nam Bang!

This project required the development of an education kit for the Casula Powerhouse art exhibition Nam Bang! The exhibition was designed to explore the aftermath of the Vietnam war through creative art and expression and to promote healing. The education kit needed to address a range of curriculum areas, with a focus on visual art.

As Writer of the education kit, I consulted with the Director of the Casula Powerhouse as well as Education officers, exhibition curator, contributing artists (including Veterans and their families) teachers, Designers and academics. With artists I discussed the artistic background, method and aims of their artworks and incorporated this information into the design and development of the teacher guide and associated student worksheets.

The printed education kit (including associated worksheets) was distributed to many local schools, effectively promoting the exhibition to teachers and school groups and raising awareness of the associated issues. View the education kit and  worksheets below:

Nam Bang! Education Kit

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3

Worksheet 4

Worksheet 5

Worksheet 6

Worksheet 7

Worksheet 8

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