On the Edge

This project was a Commonwealth Government Initiative, Resilience Education and Drug Information (REDI). On the Edge is a set of classroom resources for students in upper secondary schools that explore issues of drug use, in particular around alcohol, ecstasy and cannabis. It also emphasises the development of resilience and transition skills from school to adulthood. Skills addressed include: decision-making, critical literacy, evaluation and judgment, finding information, being assertive, forming and maintaining relationships, independent thinking, developing a sense of identity, communication and developing coping strategies.

As Co-producer, Instructional Designer and Writer, my roles included finalising production of the CD-ROM by developing instructional plans and additional content, liaising with the project manager, consulting with key content advisors and usability testers, coordinating screen Designers, video editors and Programmers. I also developed content for two Teacher guides.
The suite of REDI resources was distributed to schools across Australia in 2002, supported by a website.

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CD-ROM Teacher Guide

Instructional Design & Media Production

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