Perpectives in Parryville

Unexpected and profound insights from smart people you’d like to meet. Mark Parry has a perspective, but as a conduit he wants you to hear the perspectives of others. Mark’s longstanding commitment to learning, teaching and communication gets more engaging than ever as he chats with a broad and diverse range of intelligent, friendly and interesting people—artists, researchers, scientists, psychologists, film makers—who are thinking about new ideas and then getting on with making a big or small impact on the world. Mark takes time to listen to their perspectives, and so can you. If you ever wanted to know what the shattered ideology of the American dream looks like as a self-aware oil painting on instagram or how reflection and creative thought helps a scientific researcher in pursuit of a cancer cure or what melodramatic sex on 70s Australian television tells us about our society, then look no further. The goal: to get big, complex, challenging, important and contemporary ideas out to listeners that never knew they were interested. This is Perspectives in Parryville.
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podcast-AmberAmber invents alter ego characters, explores the ideology of the American Dream and the endless desire to transform and improve the body as promoted by Internet and social media culture.

podcast-JenniferProfessor Byrne was named in the international journal Nature’s top 10 “people who mattered” for her work in identifying research papers that could mislead researchers working on cancer treatments.


podcast-MichelleMichelle’s book The Seventies: the personal, the political and the making of modern Australia explores the enormous social changes that shaped modern Australia’s identity.

podcast-GraceGrace explores the experience of the natural environment and how this might be transported and re-imagined within more artificial and constructed environments such as those mediated by technology and social media.

podcast-LesLes has made active contributions to learning, teaching and research in higher education through his long-term commitment and enthusiasm for a student-centred approach to science and engineering.

podcast-JeniJeni is a documentary filmmaker, writer and film valuer. Her poetic essay documentaries are landmark films in Australian independent and feminist cinema. Jeni uses a very personal approach to developing her films and her process is currently influenced by the Japanese death poetry tradition.

podcast-PeterPeter is an ARIA-award winning audio mixer, producer and songwriter. Peter has mixed, recorded and written songs for a range of Australian and international artists and performers. He recounts his strong fascination with music and sounds, early experiments with multi-track recording and his pursuit of the mysterious sparkle of vocal harmonies.

podcast-JoJo Anne Rey is a teacher-librarian, author and researcher. We explore Jo’s Australian Indigenous identity, her research approach and methodologies and her family storying as woven into Sydney’s Dharug and colonial heritages.

podcast-ReneeRenee Brack is a screen & media creative and communicator. We explore Renee’s professional experiences and interests including screenwriting and killer koalas, interviewing technique and the value of a pregnant pause, true crime podcasts and the darker side of the human heart.


Adam Dunn is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Health Informatics at Macquarie University. Adam his team use informatics and social media data in their clinical research related to public health.

More eps available on Soundcloud.

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