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Unexpected and profound insights from smart people you’d like to meet. Mark Parry has a perspective, but as a conduit he wants you to hear the perspectives of others. Mark’s longstanding commitment to learning, teaching and communication gets more engaging than ever as he chats with a broad and diverse range of intelligent, friendly and interesting people—artists, researchers, scientists, psychologists, film makers—who are thinking about new ideas and then getting on with making a big or small impact on the world. Mark takes time to listen to their perspectives, and so can you. If you ever wanted to know what the shattered ideology of the American dream looks like as a self-aware oil painting on instagram or how reflection and creative thought helps a scientific researcher in pursuit of a cancer cure or what melodramatic sex on 70s Australian television tells us about our society, then look no further. The goal: to get big, complex, challenging, important and contemporary ideas out to listeners that never knew they were interested. This is Perspectives in Parryville.
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Ep01: Amber Boardman, Artist

In this episode, Amber and I speak about her creative obsessions, art making practices and some recent exhibitions, including The Art Gallery of NSW’s Archibald Prize. In her art making, Amber invents alter ego characters, explores the ideology of the American Dream and the endless desire to transform and improve the body as promoted by Internet and social media culture. Due to the visual nature of Amber’s artworks, you might like to check out some images whilst listening to this episode. Amber’s website is www.amberboardman.com/ where you can find images of many of the paintings that are discussed, as well as a link to her instagram account.

Ep02: Jennifer Byrne, Cancer Researcher

In this episode, Jennifer and I speak about her role at the Children’s Cancer Research unit, her current research interests and her scientific career. In her research, Jennifer analyses childhood and adult cancers at a molecular level, which involves working collaboratively with other researchers. In 2017 Professor Byrne was named in the international journal Nature’s top 10 “people who mattered” for her work in identifying research papers that could mislead researchers working on cancer treatments. Links to some of Professor Byrne’s research papers and articles are provided in the show notes.

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Ep03: Michelle Arrow, Modern Historian

In this episode, Michelle and I speak about her early enthusiasm for modern Australian history and research interests related to popular culture. We also talk about her research and her new book The Seventies: the personal, the political and the making of modern Australia, which explores the enormous social changes that shaped modern Australia’s identity. We talk about the Royal Commission into Human Relationships and it’s significant role as primary evidence for Australian’s shifting attitudes towards a whole range of hot topics: equality and women’s voices, family, sexuality, abortion and interpersonal relations. Our conversation turns to the 1970s television show Number 96 and it’s significant role in reflecting Australia’s sexual revolution. Links to some of Michelle’s research papers and articles are provided below.



Visual artist Jordan Charles Stokes in conversation with Mark Parry. Jordan Charles Stokes is a visual artist who has been practicing for over 10 years with solo and collaborative exhibitions and participation in numerous art prizes. Across this podcast series we will be exploring his recent work and exhibitions, his interest in the built environment and landscape and the conceptual basis of his practice overall.

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