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This project was a component of a larger media/communications initiative managed by Macquarie University Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching. The task was to develop a series of short videos to highlight various academic perspectives, student experiences and graduate prospects related to various Majors in the Faculty of Arts. The videos would be specifically designed to assist students in decisions related to their study pathway at the university, a process further supported by an academic advisory service.

As Producer of the video resource, I consulted with various stakeholders within the Faculty of Arts to negotiate an appropriate approach for the videos within time, budget and other constraints. We developed a straight-forward approach which would feature brief, conversational interviews with lecturers (typically Heads of Department) outlining the key aspects of their Major. A draft clip was developed, with critical feedback incorporated before proceeding with production of remaining clips. A significant aspect of the project was pre-production planning and liaison with 20 academics to negotiate and determine aspects such as scope of content, location, shooting schedule etc. Simple cutaway footage, such as photographs and classroom scenes, is used to further illustrate aspects of the Major. Part of the project involved supervising post-production and editing, performed in part by a team of media students as part of an Arts Faculty study/work-placement initiative.

Prospective students can access the final videos as part of their enrollment process. For example:

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Instructional Design & Media Production

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