Clinical skills

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians required a series of short video clips as part of their e-learning and face-to-face workshop program. I contributed educational advice and instructional design related to the project, exploring and negotiating various creative media and instructional approaches. Working closely with college education officers and subject matter experts (SMEs)—including physicians and trainees—I designed and developed a series of dramatic scripts and interview outlines.

The scenarios are informed by specific learning outcomes related to communication, protocol and clinical procedures. We took a generic approach to selected content so the clips could be used across a range of clinical learning areas. I worked with the college to audition and cast actors into various dramatic roles and negotiate shooting locations and other aspects. The clinical and office scenes were captured under supervision from clinical advisers; the editing phase featured editorial and additional creative input from the college to ensure the final clips met with various clinical and educational requirements. A number of introductory clips feature interviews from a range of physicians and trainees sharing information and insights related to their clinical skills assessment program. The final 12 clips are used flexibly across various physician training, e-learning and professional development contexts.

Please note: This video clip excerpt is a modified version of a dramatic scenario. Various details have been removed.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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