Cross-cultural Supervision

The project involved collaboration between three universities (Macquarie University, The University of Queensland and The University of Newcastle) and was funded by an Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) grant over two years. The research was designed to explore communication between international PhD students and their supervisors and to publish the findings.

As video producer, I was brought in after the initial research phase to consult with the project researchers and discuss options for publishing the research findings in an engaging way using online video. I proposed a scripted mock-interview approach that would be suitable for the target audience and fit within the project budget/schedule without compromising the integrity of the research. I worked closely with researchers and to consolidate individual stories and scenarios, outline a website map, develop scripts, audition and cast actors and finally capture and edit the video scenarios.
The video scenarios are currently used to present research findings to various audiences at conferences and seminars.
More info at Cross-cultural Supervision website
Find out more about the project in the poster.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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