Love Sick

This project came about when I was completing some post-graduate study related to learning and teaching. I needed to document part of my teaching and facilitation process for an assignment. Since I was teaching at SAE Institute at the time, I used selected project-based class activities as a foundation for a behind-the-scenes documentary. The student project would be an industry-led, class-wide media project that would enable development of valuable media-production skills and other attributes. For example, self-reflection and peer review in relation to authentic, real-world issues, time-management, meeting milestones, taking individual/group responsibility etc. For their project, the students would develop a music video for Love Sick, a new song by UK artist Benbien.

As Director/Producer of the behind-the-scenes documentary, I consulted with the various stakeholders within SAE, including students and staff, as well as Energy Groove Media. With a basic plan in place, I set about capturing media of student activities at various stages of production, including a two-day studio shoot and follow-up interviews. The students and staff were generous in offering their time and insights for the project, especially within the intense activity of the music video production. I needed to wrangle over a dozen interview subjects within various restrictions of time and availability, as well as my own – and students’ – class commitments etc.

Several draft clips were viewed and critically reviewed over a period of a month or so. The final clip provides effective evidence and documentation of a project-based learning approach, with an emphasis on students’ perspectives, self-reflections and insights. Students worked as crew on aspects of the behind-the-scenes documentary, further emphasising the project-based approach to learning.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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