Jenny/Nathan’s Story

This project was developed as a collaboration between Macquarie University Learning and Teaching Centre and Campus Wellbeing. The task was to develop a series of videos to raise awareness of a range of disabilities and conditions which affect students who might require additional support.

As Producer of the videos, I consulted with various stakeholders to negotiate appropriate creative approaches. It was decided reasonably early that a lecture-style approach was not appropriate, so we developed an approach which involved actors playing the roles of students, lecturers and tutors telling their own stories. I consulted with subject matter experts, students and other stakeholders and developed drafts scripts which were further developed and refined to ensure accuracy of information whilst maintaining the appropriate emotional tone. I directed then edited video footage shot by various camera operators and worked with additional screen designers to produce the final video clips.

The final videos – Jenny’s Story and Nathan’s Story – are available from Resources for Accessible and Inclusive Curricula. The videos are used in a range of professional development workshops and conference presentations.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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