Peer Review of Teaching

The initial Peer Review of Teaching project was an international collaboration between Macquarie University (Lead), La Trobe University (Australia), Lund University (Sweden) and The University of Pretoria (South Africa). The project was funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT).

The research team required an online resource to communicate their research findings and recommendations. The aim of the website was to encourage peer review of teaching as a professional development activity across all Australian and international universities. In pre-production I worked closely with the academics to devise a creative approach that was authentic, friendly and engaging. It was important that all media correlated closely with the research report. As part of my process, I analysed project content/aims/outcomes, designed a suitable/viable production approach, planned/negotiated shooting locations and assisted in development of interview scripts/content outlines. During production/post-production I captured interviews, coordinated motion and other graphics, edited various drafts, incorporated feedback and produced final edits.

The Peer Review of Teaching website – including 17 videos – is available for all academics in higher education to incorporate into their local peer review initiatives.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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