Post-grad Higher Ed

This series of short videos was specifically designed for students and prospective students in the Macquarie University Postgraduate Program in Higher Education. They feature insights from students and academics on their experiences of the program as well as advice on preparing for assignments and online discussion activities.

My role included liaison with Macquarie University academics and research assistants to develop the scope for the project and to negotiate various pre-production aspects (including budget, schedule, creative approach, format etc). I developed a sample video which was critically evaluated by the project committee before proceeding with interviewing various students, academics, teachers and other subject matter experts and producing the remaining media. The resulting videos are a component of Student Resources for Successful Learning. All students are strongly encouraged by the program leaders to engage with these resources early in the semester to facilitate positive and rewarding learning experiences.

The six videos can also be viewed via a YouTube playlist.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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