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How to get the message out to university students? First Year Experience Unit supports students in various areas of university life. Part of their communication strategy required the development of a series of short video clips designed to work alongside existing support resources and activities.

As educational consultant and video producer, I worked closely with the team from First Year Experience Unit to design and facilitate an achievable approach that would communicate important and useful information and advice in a friendly, authentic and engaging way. The students’ own voice was a key part of the production approach, with a casual, personable and informed tone. Rather than scripting the content to be covered, the team developed an array of key questions exploring a variety of student-related issues including accommodation, finances, study schedule, casual employment, study tips and preparing for success. With a broad variety of subjects identified, interviews were captured in familiar on-campus locations. The interview video footage was analysed, critiqued and logged by First Year Experience Unit (almost a research project in itself!). Selected clips were incorporated into final edits.

The sixteen videos are an engaging part of a blended communication strategy, integrating with existing on-campus, face-to-face presentations and workshops, various social media platforms and additional support via Macquarie University Students > Support and various external websites. Additional information and web links can be found within the text descriptions of each video clip.


Instructional Design & Media Production

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