Whatever happened to CD-ROMs? During the late 1990s and mid 2000s I worked as an instructional designer and multimedia producer at Open Training and Education Network (OTEN) and Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI).


How do rural patients with diabetes have their feet examined by doctors in Sydney? This CD-ROM for NSW Health Telehealth initiative, develops skills related to photographing feet. The resource supports healthcare workers in rural areas as well as clinicians at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.


How do you introduce basic computer skills to adult learners with limited experience with technology? This CD-ROM develops skills related to computers and the internet.


What is an eportfolio and how can it be used for assessing TAFE students? This series of videos, developed for TAFE Western Sydney Institute, showcases optimal practice for using eportfolios in assessment.


How do firefighters practice using the Early Warning Intercommunication System (EWIS) if there isn’t a real emergency? This CD-ROM, developed for TAFE adult learners, supports firefighters in the protocols and procedures related to using a specific fire safety technology.


Do work priorities need to be adjusted when working remotely? This series of videos, developed for Hunter TAFE, supports learners completing a range of courses related to Teleworking with the National Broadband network.


Information Technology (IT) Certificate 2, is a course delivered to TAFE NSW students and Open Training and Education (OTEN) students via distance.

Multimedia components

Multimedia Components is a learning module that is part of Information Technology (IT) Certificate 2, a course delivered to TAFE NSW students and Open Training and Education (OTEN) students via distance.

Open court

What goes on in a courtroom? This CD-ROM was developed for TAFE students across a range of subject areas who might need to engage with court proceedings.

Rugby World Cup

Various resources developed to support the Rugby World Cup 2003. An online orientation module combined with additional face-to-face training (venue and job-role specific).

TAA cert IV

An elearning course, Training and Assessment (TAA) Certificate IV, is delivered to TAFE NSW students online.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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