Firecall is a CD-ROM that was developed as part of fire fighting course delivered via distance to Open Training and Education (OTEN) students. The students covered a large amount of content related to equipment and operating procedures of the Early Warning Intercommunication System (EWIS). Students participated in face-to-face practical workshops but needed more practice to develop their skills in the use of the EWIS panel.

As Instructional Designer, I consulted closely with fire fighting teachers and NSW Fire Brigades officers to determine the appropriate operations and protocols associated with the EWIS system, then worked closely with a Programmer and Screen Designer to determine the most cost effective and educationally appropriate approach. We decided on an immersive approach, using many of the sirens and alarms to simulate a real situation. The script development led to a number of prototypes, with the final CD-ROM featuring a range of scenarios. The final CD-ROM was distributed to OTEN students as part of their course. NSW Fire Brigades purchased additional copies for use in their professional development program for every fire station in NSW.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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