Open Court

Open Court is a CD-ROM delivered to Open Training and Education (OTEN) students via distance. The task was to develop an educational resource that would introduce students to the protocols of a typical Australian courtroom. The resource was not designed for students of legal studies, but for students across a range of subject areas who might need to engage with court proceedings.

As producer of the resource, I consulted with teachers to analyse the learning requirements and designed the instructional approach and proposed resource architecture. I managed a team including Subject Matter Expert, Screen Designer, Programmer, Audio Technician and Photographer to develop a series of prototypes and the final resource.
The final CD-ROM was distributed to OTEN students, as well as being made available to all TAFE NSW students. The CD-ROM is used by the Downing centre court, Sydney as part of their induction process for jurors.

Instructional Design & Media Production

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